All-Party Parliamentary Group for Transport Safety


As of 3rd May, there are no Members of parliament until the results of the General Election are called on the 8th June. 

During this period, the All-Party Parliamentary Group will not be active. The Transport Safety APPG currently has no status as an All-Party Parliamentary Group. Parliamentary rules prohibit groups from making public comment, holding events, undertaking research or issuing communications, or allowing others to do so in their name. In any event groups must not engage in any sort of campaigning and they must observe the rules on non-party campaigning, available on the webpage for All-Party Parliamentary Groups.

The Transport Safety APPG will re-register as an All-Party Parliamentary Group when Parliament returns.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Transport Safety works to improve safety on our roads, railways and aviation. It wants to see a big reduction in transport-related death and injury, and streets where people feel safe to live, walk and cycle. The APPG provides a forum for Members of all parties and both Houses to meet with ministers, experts and road user groups.


The Secretariat for the Transport Safety APPG is provided by the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS). To find out more about PACTS, please visit the PACTS website at:

Before 2016, the APPG and PACTS were combine into an Associate APPG.