Transport Safety APPG Meeting: Air Safety

When: March 13th, 3.00pm-5.00pm

Where: Room C, 1 Parliament Street (House of Commons)

This meeting of the Transport Safety APPG will focus on pilot fatigue.

Dr Rob Hunter, Head of Flight Safety at the British Airline Pilots’ Association will be the guest speaker.

“One year ago the airline industry adopted new EU-based rules for pilot fatigue, known as flight time limitations.  Pilots and safety campaigners fought against these changes as they believed they would make the serious problem of pilot fatigue – pilots literally falling asleep in flight –  worse, not better. 

“One year on Dr Rob Hunter, head of flight safety at the British Airline Pilots’ Association and an aeromedical expert, looks again at the problem of pilot fatigue, and evaluates whether the new system is doing anything to tackle this huge threat to flight safety.”